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"My sincere appreciation for the expertise & knowledge Barb Reynolds provided for my legal needs. Her dedication to details and to my needs were unmatched."

-L. Hooper

"Today, as I sit here, I think about all of the issues we were dealing with regarding the sickness and the eventual death of my husband. The one issue I did not worry about was getting the Trust set up the way we wanted. Barb Reynolds (of Tehachapi Court Services) was awesome!! As my husband was too ill to go anywhere, Barb came to us. She sat down and listened to what we needed and wanted. She was so wonderful, caring and just down right compassionate to us and our situation. Knowing how hard it was for us to do what needed to be done, she made sure we were comfortable and that we understood all that was to be done. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. I would totally recommend Barb Reynolds to do your trust paperwork. Not only was she professional in every way, but down to earth, and everything I mentioned above. I am grateful for Barb and will continue to call her for assistance if I have any other legal paperwork in the future. 

-Michelle Roberts

"Tehachapi Court Services was absolutely amazing for me. I had the hardest time with my divorce and court paperwork and it got returned to me so many times because of mistakes when I tried to do it on my own. . I finally reached out to Barb for help and she went above and beyond! . Not only did she fix everything that I messed up but she was able to get my paperwork in so I could finally get my divorce I had waited forever to have. . If I have any legal dealings in the future, I would not hesitate to go back to her for help. You will not be sorry, this woman knows her stuff! . There is nobody else I would recommend!"

-Cheyenne Marie Watts

"Using the services of the wrong person to assist with a divorce can be devastating! The least complicated method of divorce employs the use of a Marriage Settlement Agreement. My wife and I agreed on terms of the Divorce using this method. Drafting and submission of the standard-required forms was all that was needed. Unfortunately, my soon to be ex-wife utilized a Bakersfield Service Provider. Complicating the process, the Bakersfield Service Provider “suggested” for my wife to submit for a “fee waiver”. Of course I was not notified nor consulted. The Bakersfield Service Provider collected their fee from my wife and submitted the original petition and fee waiver documents. This suggestion wasted over a month of time and required my wife to take off work to go to the court proceeding on the waiver. Eventually, I paid the fee on my wife’s behalf in order to eliminate this hurdle in the court process. My wife then filled out additional documents with the service. Not being through a divorce before she thought the service was handling the remainder of the process. It was apparent several months later that the Bakersfield Service Provider was not assisting my wife in moving forward. Luckily, I decided to contact Barb Reynolds of Tehachapi Court Services for assistance in the matter. After a quick search on the County’s website, Barb Reynolds discovered the process had essentially not moved forward at all. I employed Barb Reynolds to assist me as I was becoming very frustrated with my financial and personal life being held at a standstill. Barb took a calculated approach to complete and submit the forms to the court. With only minor adjustments requested by the court we are now awaiting the final resolution. Had I not contacted Barb Reynolds, my divorce would undoubtedly have been more complicated, costly and time consuming. I recommend the services Barb Reynolds of Tehachapi Court Services to anyone who finds themselves in need of assistance in filing divorce papers. 

-Stephen A.D. McGuffey

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"@Teachblade You have an amazing analytical mind!"

-Richard Jaffe, Alabama Capital Murders Trial Attorney, before the U. S. Supreme Court

"What you do is a great service to the legal community. Any Bar Passers or Paralegals would be doing themselves a great justice for their future to touch bases with you."

-James Novak, Attorney at Law, Arizona

"@teachblade – it is always a good day to quash a garnishment and an even better day after a great Paralegal makes you think.”


-Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney, Rachel Foley

"I became so impressed with her insight & impression as to the law & needs of a lawyer that I picked up the phone, called and introduced myself. I can easily see why her 47+ years as a litigation paralegal & teacher make her a valuable asset to many top law firms throughout So. California"

"She's a California Legal Legend".

-Mitch Jackson, Attorney at Law, Super Lawyer, 

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