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What people think about TeachBlade . . .  (Paralegal Teacher of Year)


"I love you Ms. Barbara!  I have been completely consumed by this new exciting career! I love it, I love my company, and I love my new coworkers! Even the EVP (general counsel) is such a good guy and really cares about everyone in Legal.

Please feel free to use this quote that I previously sent to you a while back. (With a few modifications) I feel the same way about you and how dedicated you are to teaching and mentoring.

“Under Ms. Barbara’s tutelage, there are many lessons you will learn, especially how paralegals and the skill set they bring to the table are paramount to a firm, attorney, and company’s success. Ms. Barbara’s methodology is not only unforgettable – it’s very effective. Four years ago, while preparing for the National Paralegal Certification Exam for NALA, I had to recall the principles of The Critical Thinking Skills Process, as taught by Ms. Barbara. Specifically, while preparing for the Judgment & Analytical Thinking section of the exam, I had to utilize those skills, as that particular section involved reading a fact pattern, analyzing the rules of law and statutes, and writing a legal memorandum. Her mentorship throughout the years has motivated and encouraged me to continue my upward climb in the legal field. I can now say that I am finally where I want to be in my career (In-House Paralegal for a billion dollar corporation). Ms. Barbara is more than a teacher.  She is an Educator who goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are prepared to "hit the ground running" and become successful paralegals. I will always be grateful to her for the important role she had in my career path.”
Shamika L. Polin, ACP


Mike Goodman

Paralegal III, at Attorney General, State of Hawaii, Medicaid Fraud, Criminal Justice Div.

"Barb Reynolds taught several classes I attended in 2004, including Critical Thinking, at the West Los Angeles College, ABA-Approved Paralegal Certificate Degree Program. She is smart, knowledgeable, and inspirational. She makes the complex understandable, and gets her students to quote: "Know that they know what they know."  



Tiffany Johnson

E-Discovery Paralegal at Sheppard Mullin, International


Prof. Reynolds is a great instructor who is in tune with what paralegals encounter in the real world. She understands that there is no book that teaches you how to be a paralegal - it's about being resourceful and solving issues as they arise. Prof. Reynolds gave me the practical foundation required to be a paralegal.

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What "Lawyers" Say Teachblade



"@Teachblade You have an amazing analytical mind!"

-Richard Jaffe, Alabama Capital Murders Trial Attorney, before the U. S. Supreme Court


"What you do is a great service to the legal community. Any Bar Passers or Paralegals would be doing themselves a great justice for their future to touch bases with you."

-James Novak, Attorney at Law, Arizona


"@teachblade – it is always a good day to quash a garnishment and an even better day after a great Paralegal makes you think.”


-Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney, Rachel Foley

"I became so impressed with her insight & impression as to the law & needs of a lawyer that I picked up the phone, called and introduced myself. I can easily see why her 47+ years as a litigation paralegal & teacher make her a valuable asset to many top law firms throughout So. California"

"She's a California Legal Legend".

-Mitch Jackson, Attorney at Law, Super Lawyer, 

Member Million Dollar Advocacy Forum


Tehachapi Court Services was given 5 Star Review by

Attorney James Vititoe (of Masry & Vititoe, "Erin Brockovich" movie fame -- that is one of the leading movies in the legal industry.)  


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