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TeachBlade Is The Difference with a Distinction - In Competent Attorney Help 


@Teacblade is a media legal brand - providing expert content at the intersection of CEO and culture.  She's been in Tehachapi 47 yrs - worked with Major Law Firm Lawyers 47 years, (including two U.S. Presidential Law Firms [Adams-Duque - and Manatt-Phelps] - and taught Law - in tandem - for 30 years.  Hence, she's got double the know-how.  "You can't teach what you didn't play." ~ Moneyball Movie


She's been an Independent Contractor Lawyers and Teaching Mentor as CEO of Tehachapi Court Services Attorney Support - the past 26 years.     


TeachBlade -- "The Go-Between"

TeachBlade's Academic Training:





University of Southern California

(Political Science, International Theory), 1970-1972


University of California at Los Angeles

(B.A. Political Science-International Theory), 1972-1974

Coldwell Banker Real Estate School, 1979



University of West Los Angeles Law School

(Juris Doctorate Program), 1985-1987 

Professor Emeritus (30 Years)

American Bar Association Non-Attorney Associate 

National Bar Association Non-Attorney Associate 

National Honor Society, Member, 53 years

TeachBlade's Training Grounds:


Manatt-Phelps (President Bill Clinton's former law firm), West Los Angeles, CA 

Pre-bench:  LA Superior Court Judge Donna Fields Goldstein


Adams-Duque (President Richard Nixon's former law firm), Los Angeles, CA 

Pre-bench:  LA Superior Court Judge Terry Green


Borton-Petrini, Bakersfield, CA


Ulric Usher. Esq., Lancaster, CA


Manning-Reynolds-Roberts, Office Manager, Century City, CA


Lillick-McHose, Los Angeles, CA

Pre-bench:  9th Circuit Court of Appeals Magistrate, Pamela Rymer

Rhodes Scholar, Attorney J. Stanley Sanders, Bunker Hills, LA, CA


Broady-Scarlett-Roberson, Los Angeles, CA


Pre-bench: LA Superior Court Judge Earl C. Broady, Jr.

Pre-bench: LA Superior Court Judge Charles R. Scarlett

Pre-bench:  LA Superior Court Judge Robert L. Roberson, Jr.

Pre-bench:  LA Superior Court Judge James N. Reese

CA State Bar Certified Family Law Specialists:

Attorneys Wilma Presley, Catherine Goodrow, Orange County

Beverly Gassner and Larry Gassner, Rancho Cucamonga, CA



Barbara Teachblade Reynolds

Paralegal Trained for 40 years 

Award Winning ABA-Approved Program Law Instructor

and Critical Thinking Skills Instructor 30 years

DISCLAIMER: I am not an Attorney. Executives, please feel free to ask for an Attorney Referral if you seek legal advice.  

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